Circuit of the Americas – A Tale of Two Halves!

What a strange weekend – it’s hard to explain how I feel! There were some really positive moments including our Porsche leading our class during the second hour, reflecting how well we had set up the car. Sadly it all turned to nothing with brake issues costing us dearly! Given the tight turn around we began the weekend with the same set up as Mexico. We knew this wasn’t going to be ideal at COTA, but we spent time working on finding an ideal set up throughout the weekend and in the end the car felt really good. By the time we got to the race the car was feeling the best it has all year and significantly, we were even faster than the other Porsche in our class. This was another really huge s

Mexico Delivers First WEC Podium!

We’ve finally been able to achieve what we always knew was possible - we claimed Gulf Racing’s first ever World Endurance Championship podium finish! After a 6 week break between World Endurance Championship rounds, we headed to Mexico for the 6th round of the Championship. The team had worked really hard during the break, particularly with Dunlop to help us understand how to get more pace and longevity out of the tyres. We were fairly confident that this track would suit our car given the fact it is a ‘low-deg’ track, and in the past is has suited the Porsche, but regardless of that, the team had also made some big improvements to the car in the break. These improvements made it so much eas

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